Mad #35 (Albert Feldstein) - Wally Wood's Wagon Kid Issue - October 1957

Wally Wood's drawings were often cluttered with cute and strange characters, as well as numerous sight gags and inside jokes.  One of the recurring characters was a small child pulling a wagon.  The "wagon kid" made forty appearances in issues 25 to 34 which included three covers (Nos. 26, 28 and 29).

"The Wagon Kid" had his own comic strip in Wood's wonderful drawings about comics and product advertisements.  The kid strolls through Little Orphan Annie, Donald Duck, Nancy, Sluggo, Alley Oop, Henry, The Phantom, Dagwood and Popeye. [PSA2]

Nancy is reading the "Wagon Kid" comics. ("If Comic Strip Characters Answered Those Little Ads" - page 7)

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