Mad #343 (Nick Meglin and John Ficarra) - Software Issue - March 1996

Software is not funny.  The same can be said about software satires.  The Mad editors tried to make some software jokes in this issues but it was just not worth the effort.  The lead article ("MAD Interviews Miyoursofts Bile Gates") tries to expose the shortcomings of Mr. Gates.  He is certainly not a perfect person but also he is not so bad.  His products have been good for businesses and his charities are commendable.  Not funny.  The other major software article in the issue ("Badly-Needed Software for the Human Machine") makes a bold attempt to somehow create software to improve our lives.  Not funny.  Software is not funny.  I like the drawings of Kyle Baker in "The All-Time Pantheon of Oddball Music Fans."  Otherwise, there was not anything special in this issue. [JAM 3/7/2013]

Editor Nick Meglin is the losing tennis player in "The Flabbergasting Flamenco Finish."

The Lone Ranger and Tonto are pictured on the Wanted poster in "sleepWalker, Texas Stranger."

Nerd for Windows - Mad Interviews Miyoursoft's Bile Gates
The Dreck is in the Mail - The Hazards of Catalog Shopping
Do the Right Wing - The Bob Dole Guide to Instant Disagreement
Mash Production - Moshing in Everyday Life
Aural Fixation - What People Say What Other People Hear
Frank on a Roll - The Hymn of the Embattled Republic
Tales From the Duck Side - The Flabbergasting Flamenco Finish
Showing Disk-Respect - Badly Needed Software for the Human Machine
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side
Lollapalosers - The All-Time Pantheon of Oddball Music Fans
Behind the Retaliate Ball - Mother Nature's Revenge
Committing a Synergy - Corporate Mergers That Would Do Us All Some Good
Serge-In General - A Mad Look at Drinking
Upchuck Norris - sleepWalker, Texas Stranger
Hits And Missives - The History of Communication

Fold-In - Parents