Mad #34 (Albert Feldstein) - Osszefogva Issue - August 1957

The word for issue 34 was "osszefogva."  The origin is unknown. [PSA2]  - It appears that this is a Hungarian-Croatian word.  I could not find a definition by Google search.

Doctor's eye-chart is an invoice. ("Mr. Science" - page 12)

Ye Olde Heraldry - Mad Coats of Arms
Oh, Promise Me - Wedding Album
Soft-Sell Advertising - Future TV Ad
Bob & Ray - Mr. Science
Healthy Competition - $ucce$$ $tory
Kindly Remain Seated - Future Drive-Ins
Shooting the Grand Rapids - Modern Furniture
Fido-Re-Mi - The Mad Dog's Shopping Mart
Out of Left Field - Baseball Is Ruining Our Children
Hollywood - Scenes We'd Like to See
College - Collegiate Whimsey
Comparison Proves - Products for TV Commercials, Inc.
Orson Bean - The Two Chinese Fellas Who Go to an American Restaurant
Little Squirt - The Spitball Contest
Go Ax the Ol' Cable - TV Guise
Seeing Is Believing - Mad's Picture-Phone Backdrops