Mad #339 (Nick Meglin and John Ficarra) - Star Blecch Voyeur - September 1995

This is the tenth Mad parody of Star Trek including television and movie parodies.  The first parody in 1967 featured the transporter malfunction that scrambled Captain Kook's body parts.  Mort Drucker drew the first one and most of the others.  However, Angelo Torres received this assignment and he proved that he was just as able drawing the space caricatures.  Captain Plainway is accused of recycling old Star Trek plots but if that is true, she is doing the recycles with a very interesting crew.  Mess is the well-developed, one-year-old Ocampy; Twobuck is the black Vulcan; Chataway is the face-paint first officer; B'nana is the Cling-on engineer with an attitude; Cinnamon is the holographic doctor who is not really there; and Kleenix is an alien who just cooked Yoda.  While Plainway has a bad hair day and then turns into The Screamer, the crew discovers a stowaway nerd who has seen it all.  Jainway eliminates the nerd but then discovers that they are 70,000 light years off course but cannot use their nine-year fuel supply because they need more episodes for syndication.  [JAM 7/24/2012]

Dave Berg gave an indication that he was starting to lose it as he misspelled "Arther" [sic] on page 44.

Madonna from the cover of Mad #304 returns on page 48.

In conjunction with the moving of the Mad office, Sotheby's announced the sale of "30 years of original Mad art" on October 20, 1995.

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