Mad #337 (Nick Meglin and John Ficarra) - Buttman Fershlugginer Issue - July 1995

This was the sixth full parody of Batman to appear in Mad after "Bat Boy and Rubin!" by Kurtzman & Wood (1953 comic book parody), "Bats-Man" by Silverstone & Drucker (1966 television series parody), "Battyman" by Hart & Drucker (1989 movie parody), "Buttman Returns" by Hart & Drucker (1992 movie parody), and "Batsman: The Anemic Series" by DeBartolo and Viviano (1993 animated series parody).  Mort Drucker drew his fourth Batman parody.  For some reason, writer Dick DeBartolo was not credited on the double-splash page.  Drucker's cover shows a confused Batman with Alfred E. Neuman as Robin and the Mad logo replacing the bat signal light.  In the parody, Buttman faces two villains - Dual Puss (Tommy Lee Jones) and Piddler (Jim Carrey).  Although Buttman loses his ButtBelt to reveal his ButtBriefs, Robin (no parody name?) dispatches the villains and ignites the bromance.  Drucker's drawing of the caped crusaders on pages seven and eight are among the best. Jim Carrey also gets harsh treatment in "Jim Carrey Visits 'The Larry Sanders Show'" by Stan Hart and Angelo Torres.[JAM 7/21/2012]

Ace Ventura's pets include Flip, Albert, Sylvester, Garfield, Hobbes and Snoopy (page 44).

Edwing's ventriloquist priest can be found in "The Real Reasons Why Men Dont't [sic] Ask Directions"

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