Mad #333 (Nick Meglin and John Ficarra) - Tom Bunk issue - January/February 1995

Tomas Bunk is a Croatian illustrator who studied art in Germany.  He is not the best of the Mad artists but he has been the king of the cluttered panel for many years.  I view him as a younger relative of Will Elder (1921-2008) who not as artistic and not as clever with the chicken fat jokes, but he tries so hard.  You cannot view a Bunk panel without concluding that he puts an extra effort into every drawing.  The Mad editors promoted him to movie parody artist in this issue with "Untrue Spies" which is Stan Hart's spoof of that awful 1994 Arnold Schwarzenegger spy/comedy movie (True Lies).  Bunk's Schwarzennegger caricature is recognizable but others like Jamie Lee Curtis are not.  I like the use of the Prohias spies throughout the article.  The multiple oglers on page 42 and the mound of defeated terrorists on page 43 are pure Bunk.  Look for Disney's Smee on page 43 and a cork exiting the Mad office on page 44.  Mr. Bunk also contributed to "More Frugal Books You Can Expect to See" in the issue.  [JAM 7/14/2012]

C.I.A.-Holes - It's Clear the President is a Danger
Exploit Facto - Collectibles from after the O.J. Simpson Trail
Working Rover Time - Specially Trained Dogs for Everyone
Slam Junk - Some Statistics the NBA Isn't Especially Proud of
Tyke Five - Preschool Songs for the Real World
Abuser Friendly - The Dysfunctional Family Circus
Croak Is It! - Duck Edwing Stalks the Grim Reaper
Split Happens - The Michael Jackson/Lisa Marie Presley Prenuptial Agreement
Serge-In General - A Mad Look at the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side
Joke And Dagger - Spy vs. Spy
A Flock of Cheap - More "Frugal" Books You Can Expect to See
Eats Don't Fail Me Now - Gourmet Cooking for Singles on the Go
C.I.A.-Holes Part II - Untrue Spies
Tales From the Duck Side - The Peculiar Papal Parable
Looney Tuning - Mad's Parental Guide for Safe TV Viewing
Another One Bites the DOS - Confessions of a Computer Junkie

Fold-In - Explosion