Mad #331 (Nick Meglin and Joun Ficarra) - Clintstones Issue - October/November 1994

The honeymoon was really over as the Mad staff took aim at the administration of Bill Clinton in its second year.  The Clinton family from Arkansas reminds cover artist Mort Drucker of The Flintstones.  Hillary Clinton has an overbite on the cover but inside ("The Bill Clinton MTV Song Book") Sam Viviano's Hillary is a buxon seductress who uses her sexuality to push a health care plan.  Certainly, the truth falls somewhere between these extremes.  And, as we all know, Hillarycare was doomed to fail against the strident Republican opposition.  In his cover jingle, Frank Jacobs suggests that this hokey family "looks like a one-term time!"  Frank was wrong this time.  Jacobs also thought that the journalists would eat Clinton alive ("Don't Lie").  Artist Paul Coker met the challenge of the Jacobs song parody with caricatures of 50 media journalists active in 1994.  Jacobs thought that the Whitewater real estate deal was a scandal but the only thing the prosecutor found during the investigation was Monica Lewinsky. Ultimately, Jacobs does stumble upon the truth with "We'd Do Anything for Votes" wherein the obstructionist opposition party members show their true colors that are brighter than ever during the Obama administration.  The parody of the ill-advised Flintstones movie ("The Flickstones") is as uneven as the actual movie.  However, the Angelo Torres drawings the best of the issue capturing the strangeness of non-animated movie remake of the cartoon series.  [JAM 7/6/2012]

Alley Oop is on the conga line.

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