Mad #322 (Nick Meglin and John Ficarra) - Lookalike Contest Issue - October 1993

The origin of Mad mascot, Alfred E. Neuman has been debated for many years.  Mad's first editor, Harvey Kurtzman started it all when he found the idiot kid and decided that he was the typical Mad Reader although it took a while for the name to match the face.  The 1993 editors of Mad chose to initiate a contest to find the celebrity lookalike with Ted Koppel, David Letterman and Prince Charles as leading candidates.  The Prince was the eventual winner but he had an unfair advantage since he was first identified as a lookalike as a child in Mad #38 (March 1958).  The drawings of Sam Viviano for "Batsman: The Anemic Series" are the best of this issue. [JAM 4/26/2012]

Look for the late Bill Gaines and his Mad staff in "Here's Mad's Reasons Not to Visit Disney World This Year!"

Batsman has Donald Duck and Bart Simpson Pez dispensers on his utility belt.

The Dork Knight - Batsman: The Anemic Series
Tales From the Duck Side - The Puny Pugilist's Performance; The Tumultuous Trebek Tribunal
A Poke in the Eisner - Here's Mad's Reasons Not to Visit Disney World This Year!
To Every Problem There Is a Pollution - The Frustrated Environmentalist
Joke And Dagger - Spy vs. Spy: The Tourist
Fake a Talk on the Wild Side - Mad Translates "Studspeak"
Along the Decide Lines - Which Is More Satisfying
It Was the Festive Times - Regional Holidays You Rarely Hear About
A Wok on the Wild Side - The Belching Dragon
Serge-In General - A Mad Look at UFOs
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side
Stupid Obstet-Tricks - Mad Salutes Some Legendary Moms and Dads
Take My Wife, Sleaze! - A Decent Disposal
Why XY Chromosones - Personality Traits and Genetics
The Wide World of Corpse - Olympic Events for the Dead
Frank on a Roll - To Be Or Not To Be (A Queen's Soliloquy)
Official Ballot - Who Will Be the Unlucky Winner in Mad's Alfred E. Neuman Look-Alike Contest?

Fold-In - Camp