Mad #32 (Albert Feldstein) - Potrzebie Issue - April 1957

"Potrzebie" is a Mad word that carried over from the comic book days.  Although it appeared about twice an issue in Nos. 24 to 31, Mad No. 32 marks a renewed concentration on the use of Mad words.  Issues 32 to 34 gave us 22 "potrzebies" with most of the artists and writers finding appropriate places for it.  In No. 32, potrzebie was a beauty queen in Steve Allan's audience, a wonder drug, a protest sign, a junior high school, a flag in War And Peace, an atomic-powered vehicle and a record label for Pinky Lee. [PSA2]

Jockey is riding the head of woman with ponytail. ("The Steve Allan Show" - page 7)

Reader Tony Perodeau's favorites from this issue were "The Night People vs. Creeping Meatballism" and "The Faithful Dog" in "Scenes We'd Like to See".

Newspaper Comics - Nansy
People - The Steve Allan Story
Hollywood - Scenes We'd Like to See
Crystal Ball - It's Gonna Be a Mad Mad Year!
Movies - The Bad Seat
T.V. - Big Big Story
Orson Bean - Making a Paper Eucalyptus Tree
Awards - The Rolly Cigarette Ad
Point of View - The Ideal Woman
Rare Old Cartoons - Prisoner, When Arrested, Clung to the Railings
Sweatshirt - What's Happened to Sports Magazines?
Nostalgia - Childhood Chums
Overtaxed Seating-Capacity - Movies Are Longer Than Ever
Tom Lehrer - Tom Lehrer Sings
Soft-Sell Advertising - Future TV Ad
Jean Shepherd - The Night People vs. "Creeping Meatballism"
Dating - The Mad Dating Technique