Mad #31 (Alfred Feldstein) - Jazzbo Issue - February 1957

Al "Jazzbo" Collins wrote the feature article in Mad No. 31.  Mad magazine had used celebrity writers (Kovacs, Price, Freberg, etc.) since its beginning, but this was the first time that the writer was not a humorist.  The article clearly did not belong in the Mad format, but the inspired drawings by Wally Wood did.

The Mad writer is a special breed.  Except for Kovacs and Bob & Ray, the celebrity writers were too tame for Mad.  The best articles (departments) were the combined efforts of writers and artists in tune with each other. [PSA2]

Snake is holding sheet music for charmer. ("What's All This Jazz About Jazz?" - page 24)

Increase the Circulation - The New Marylin Marone
Call of the Wild Magazine - Field & Scream
Hollywood - Scenes We'd Like to See
Newspapers - Item
Ernie Kovacs - Why I Write Poetry
Pick-A-Card - Mad Greeting Cards
Ear-to-the-Ether - What They're Saying Around the Solar System
Al "Jazzbo" Collins - What's All This Jazz About Jazz
Soft-Sell Advertising - Future TV Ads
Psychology - Mad's Ink Blot Test
Culture - Don Giovanni
Negative Thinking - Why the Precision Engineered, Highly Perfected 35mm Camera Replaced the Simple, Unpretentious, Primitive Box    Camera
Orson Bean - Orson Bean Opens His Family Album