Mad #309 (Nick Meglin and John Ficarra) - Poppy Bush Issue - March 1992

Frank Jacobs summarizes the main problem for George H.W. Bush in the 1992 election ("The Rhyme of the Ailing President"), and artist Gerry Gersten delivers another of his classic drawings: Bush and VP Dan Quayle as the albatross around his neck.  This parody of Rime of the Ancient Mariner by English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834) says all you need to know about that one-term presidency.  An earlier parody of the poem by Tom Koch and Don Martin appeared in Mad #200 ("Rime of the Modern Skateboarder").  Mr. Jacobs has one more comment about the president in a multiple-choice answer for question 10 ("Mad's Practice S.A.T. Questions") - "The best title for this story is: ... (C) Bush: Wimp With an Army ..."  However, the nation's memory was short as Poppy's son was elected in 2000 after eight years of prosperity under President Clinton.  Also, it seems that 2008 candidate John McCain failed to learn from the Dan Quayle mistake.  Fortunately, the majority of voters had better memories. [JAM 2/25/2012]

Reader Neil Wahlert adds the following comment about "Mad's Christmas Carols for Modern Times" by Tom Koch: "... (the) article, appearing as it did in the March issue, was ill-timed as ... Mad always did its holiday season pieces in the January issue.  The March issues had always hit the newsstands two or three days AFTER Christmas ...  It's kind of like the situation with Frank Jacobs' 'Song Textbook' coming out in the July '67 issue, and being distributed in mid-May, when students and faculty alike are more than primed to get out!"

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