Mad #306 (Nick Meglin and John Ficarra) - Nick Meglin Issue - October 1991

Mad artists love to poke fun at their editors.  Nick Meglin participated in the production of over 400 issues of the magazine from issue number 31 in 1957 when he was known as "Nick Megliola" until his retirement as co-editor in 2004.  True Mad fans know that Meglin's favorite hobby is tennis.  In Mad #306, Duck Edwing put Meglin and his tennis racket in the jury box with other Mad staffer.  Dave Berg put him in "The Office" with the staff watching publisher Gaines making a joke at the expense of associate editor Joe Raiola.  And, Sergio Aragones, who often finds a place for Meglin in a marginal drawing, put him on the tennis court as the other player not advertising "Fruit of the Loom" and "Preparation H."  These inside jokes are part of the charm of the magazine.  Nick Meglin was an important cog in the Mad machine.

Mad writer Dan Birtcher made an early reference to "global warming" on page 31 ("Cause or Coincidence??"). [JAM 2/2/2012]

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