Mad #305 (Nick Meglin and John Ficarra) - Maxine Korn Issue - September 1991

Well, this Max-Korn thing is really going now.  Drucker put a barrel of "Max Kornmeal" on the porch for "Dunces with Wolves."  Torres put a covered bowl of "Max Korn" on the breakfast table for "Father Jowly Miseries."  Berg put "Mr. Korn" in the delivery room and young "Maxwell" teaching his mother and grandmother a foreign language.  Woodbridge put a "Max Korn for Congress" pin on the smiling candidate on the campaign trail.  Tulka thought Max's little sister "Maxine Korn" was a good subject for a funny home video.  And, Viviano put "Max Korn" in a small place that is really hard to find in "The Violence of the Hams." 

Excellent articles in the issue were "America's Traditional Songs as They Sound to Five Year Olds" by Tom Koch, "How and Where Sneaky Smokers Can Hide Their Filthy Habit" by Paul Peter Porges and, "Simpson Rip-Offs" by Frank Jacobs.  Sam Viviano's drawings of the Simpson parodies were exceptional. [JAM 1/21/2012]

Look for Mad staffers on wanted posters in "The Proverbial Postal/Pooch Parable Part III"

Tribe And Tribulations - Dunces with Wolves
Tales From the Duck Side - The Proverbial Postal/Pooch Parable Part I; Part II; Part III
Heads of Grate - "Other" Commissioners
Maim That Tune - America's Traditional Songs as They Sound to Five Year Olds
It's the Real Zing - Mad's Instant Movie Reviews
A Pew to a Kill - Father Jowly Miseries
Jargon in Place - Sports Phrases On and Off the Playing Field
Joke And Dagger - Spy vs. Spy (2)
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side
A Manic for All Seasons - Why We Get the Holiday Blahs
Camel-Flage - How and Where Sneaky Smokers Can Hide Their Filthy Habit
Toon Age Mutants - Simpson Rip-Offs
Sleazing the Opportunity - Any Doofus Can ... But It Takes a Genius To
Ewe Slaughter Be in Pictures - The Violence of the Hams
Outdoor Wreck-reation - The Mad Summer Camp Guide

Fold-In - Pregnant Teen