Mad #303 (Nick Meglin and John Ficarra) - Home Alone Issue - June 1991

Child actor Macaulay Culkin's impression of The Scream by Edvard Munch (1863-1944) led the marketing campaign for this popular ($533 million) John Hughes/Chris Columbus movie in 1990.  Artist Mort Drucker recreated the scream on the cover and again on page 48 as the young boy caught sight of Alfred E. Neuman or was it "Chucky?"  The Stan Hart parody ("Home A-Groan") was better than his awful lead parody ("Stale Prince of Belch Air") of the television show starring Will Smith.  These two parodies and the one by Dick DeBartolo ("Major Dud") were far below the usual Mad standard.  However, I sympathize with any writer or artist trying to find fresh humor in these stale offerings.  The most clever article in this sub-par issue is "Mad's By-the-Numbers Guide to Predicting TV Tabloid and 'Info-tainment' Stories" by Mike Snider and Rick Tulka. [JAM 1/16/2012]

Henry is part of the family at the airport (page 46).

Home Sweet Homeboy - The Stale Prince of Belch Air
Tales from the Duck Side - The Monstrous Molar Mayhem; The Splattered Speedster Spectacle; The Revered Revolutionary Ruse
Assuming the Futile Position - Give It Up!
Sums Down - Mad's By-the-Numbers Guide to Predicting TV Tabloid and "Info-tainment" Stories
Alphabet Group - The Mad Rock 'N' Rap Sampler
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side
Me-Ouch! - Why Cats Have 9 Lives and You Have only One
Frank on a Roll - The Ballad of Rocky Balboa
Soaring to New Frights - New Benchmarks, Records and Barriers that Mankind Is Rapidly Approaching (Part II)
Basic Straining - Major Dud
Well, Isle Be Damned! - Who Says Being Stranded Can't Be Fun?
Joke And Dagger - Spy vs. Spy
All Jaffee - A Mad Guide to How Simple Things Work Part II
B-S.A.T. - Will You Make a Good Flight Attendant?
American Youth Hostile - Home A-Groan

Fold-In - Milli Vanilli