Mad #301 (Nick Meglin and John Ficarra) - Big Hairy Spider Issue - March 1991

Some of the spiders from Dick DeBartolo's parody of the Steven Spielberg production of Arachnophobia ("A Knack for Phobias") have escaped and invaded adjacent articles from page 32 through 43.  I counted 16 big hairy spiders in the issues.  There will also numerous small spider and webs that I did not bother to count.  There were also spiders with various markings like a happy face, etc. and one that looks like Alfred E. Neuman.  This movie grossed $84 million for Spielberg and company.

The Mad staff continued their attack on New Kids on the Block with "New Kids Albums of the 21st Century."  According to Wikipedia (because there is no other way that I would know), the last NKOTB reunion was in 2008.  We can only hope that the Raiola & Kadau projections for 2014, 2020 and 2039 albums are incorrect.  The best parody in the issue is "The Hymn of the Battered Republic" by that amazing resident lyricist, Frank Jacobs.  [JAM 1/8/2012]

King Kong is still atop the Empire State Building (page 40).

The Plight of the Living Dead - Gauche
Tales From the Duck Side - The Surprising Seafaring Scenario; The Receptionist's Revolting Resolution; The Bloodcurdling Blue-Cross Brouhaha
Every Clod Has a Silver Lining - Just What Is an Eternal Optimist?
Theory-Eyed - The Basic Underlying Premise of Various Products, Trends and Ideas
Block to the Future - New Kids Albums of the 21st Century
Joke And Dagger - Spy vs. Spy
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side
Frank on a Roll - The Hymn of the Battered Republic
Getting Your Fouls in an Uproar - Little Known and Rarely Called Sports Infractions
An Embarrassment of Richard's - Warning Labels of the Future Designed to Head Off Potential Lawsuits
Soaring to New Frights - New Benchmarks, Records and Barriers that Mankind Is Rapidly Approaching (Part I)
Stat's Entertainment! - The Real Demographics of Various TV Audiences (Volume II)
Another Close Crawl - A Knack for Phobias
Publishers Jeering House - New Lifestyle Magazines for Huge Untapped Audiences
Disguise the Limit - A Mad Guide on How to Look Upscale without the Expense
Anchors, Oy Vey! - A Mad Peek Behind the Scenes ... The TV News Business
Prose And Contest - Mad Magazine Reader's Competition

Fold-In - Cigarette Machine