Mad #30 (Albert Feldstein) - Mingo's Alfred E. Neuman Issue - December 1956

According to Frank Jacobs, Norman Mingo is the only artist who could draw the perfect Alfred E. Neuman.  Mingo drew his first of eight consecutive classics covers for Mad.  The cover of No. 30 is considered the official naming of the What, Me Worry? kid.  However, the face and name were temporarily combined in Mad No. 24.  The inside back cover of No. 29 also formally added the name, Alfred E. Neuman to the kid's face.

The designation of Alfred E. Neuman as mascot and the use of professional illustrators for the covers, are two of the first changes made by Feldstein. [PS2]

Hero's arm has been sewn. ("Pulp Magazines" - page 36)

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Western - Gunsmoked
Advice - Alfred E. Neuman Answers Your Questions
Collectors - The Manly Art of Self Defense
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FairWarning - Motorist Beware!
Nostalgia - Mad Establishes an Old Comic-Strip Characters' Home
Sports - Bowling
College - Collegiate Whimsey
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