Mad #3 (Harvey Kurtzman) - H.Y.M.E. Issue - 1953

It is assumed that the lead story in Mad No. 3 was to be the third Crime Dept. story following Ganefs! (Mad No. 1) and Mole! (Mad No. 2).  However, the issue was published without the usual department heading.  Kurtzman's parody (Dragged Net!) was based on the radio Dragnet as evidenced by the use of the "Ed Saturday" character and that "Joe Friday" looks more like Basil Rathbone than Jack Webb.

The nonsense phrase: "How's your mom, Ed?" has been used by Mad writers for over 40 years.  How many readers were aware that it had its origin as small talk between Friday and his radio sidekick?

The Lone Stranger parody (Davis) is excellent.  Davis has always drawn wonderful characters and comic motion, but was never as Mad as Will Elder was, or as Wally Wood would become. [PSA1]

Friday asks Saturday how his mom is - three times. ("Dragged Net!" - pages 1,4 and 6)

(none - Crime?) - Dragged Net! (Elder)
French Foreign Legion - Sheik of Araby! (Severin)
Horror - V-Vampires! (Wood)
Western - Lone Stranger! (Davis)