Mad #29 (Albert Feldstein) - First Feldstein Magazine Issue - September 1956

Al Feldstein had edited several comics for Bill Gaines, including the twelve issues of Panic (Humor in a Varicose Vein) which was advertised as the companion to the Mad comic.  He was the obvious choice to replace Kurtzman.

Mad No. 29 was not very good.  However, it was a heroic effort for Feldstein to meet the publication date.  He reduced the format to 48 pages and threw together some reprints and previously unprinted articles illustrated by Elder and Davis.  Fortunately, he had Wally Wood and newcomer, Do Martin.  Feldstein began to make subtle changes and began to assemble the "gang of idiots" who would propel Mad to the pinnacle of humor. [PSA2]

Fish with arms is sewing. ("Camp" - page 25)

Unsung Heroes - Free Fall Ferris
Hollywood - Scenes We'd Like to See
Game - Gringo
Science - New Designs in Television Sets
Raised Pinky - Dining Etiquette Quiz
Movie - The Man in the Soot-Gray Flannel
Collectors - Rare Old Cartoons
Advice - Alfred E. Neuman Answers Your Questions
Poison Ivy - Camp
Do-It-Yourself - Make Your Own Love-Story Comic
Newspapers - Hot Weather Photos
Hobby - Mad Bubble Gum Cards
Epic Case History - The Underworld Around Us
Political Crystal Ball - Convention Forecasts
Home-Sweet-Homes - Real Estate Ads
How to Give a Party - Energetic 17-Year-Olds Are Happy Happy Happy