Mad #286 (Nick Meglin and John Ficarra) - Morton Downey Issue - April 1989

Long before Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck were hired by Fox, Morton Downey, Jr. (1932-2001) set the standard for hate-television, abrasively attacking anyone who would disagree with his right-wing perspective.  Downey was a chain-smoking hate-monger who had his greatest success on television with national syndication in 1988.  As the novelty faded, his viewership declined and the show was eventually cancelled in July 1989.  Downey filed for bankruptcy in 1990.  Although he tried several more times, he was not able to regain his brief success.  Morton Downey Jr. died of lung cancer at the age of 68.  To his credit, he became an anti-smoking activist during his later years after having one lung removed.  Writer Larry Siegel ("The Moron Downer Jr. Show") describes the show as it was with little exaggeration populated by a steady stream of lunatics.  Artist Jack Davis emphasizes the chain-smoking and audience crazies including a gorilla, a Klanner, Michael Dukakis (?) and the bird-hat lady.  At one point, "Downer" is shown smoking seven cigarettes at the same time, two in his nostrils.  Siegel ends the parody/satire fittingly with Pope John Paul II delivering a knockout punch.

Elly Patterson, drawn by Lynn Johnston makes an appearance in "thirtysuffering."  Two "Spy vs. Spy" pages are in the issue with Duck Edwing barely getting writing credit as artist Bob Clarke signs the drawings 'C/e. [JAM 10/10/2011]

Angst for Nothing - Thirtysuffering
Serge-In General - Hand-Me-Down; Pot Luck
Gauche Stories - If Bad Taste Took a Holiday
Joke And Dagger - Spy vs. Spy
Show And Sell - Really Appropriate Sponsors for Rock Tours
Sheer Noun-Sense - The Name Game of the Rich and Famous
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side
Prime Slime Entertainment - The Moron Downer Jr. Show
Beau Jest - Guys You're Likely to Meet Before Mr. Right
"I Am the Ad Man" - When TV Commercials Make Full Use of the Beatles Songs
Bladder Up! - It's Safe to Go to the Bathroom When ...
Common Cents - More You'd Be Rich If You Had a Nickel
Riding the School Bust - 21 Junk Heap
Going Out in a Blaze of Glory - Duck Edwing Contemplates Suicide
Singles Seen - Personal Ads that Remind Us of Somebody We Know

Fold-In - Missing Car Radio