Mad #28 (Harvey Kurtzman) - Last Kurtzman Issue - July 1956

The departure of Harvey Kurtzman is well-document in the Reidelbach book and in The Mad World of William Gaines by Frank Jacobs.  Kurtzman and Gaines made publishing history and created a new art form for the culture of America.  For whatever reason that the association was short-lived, we are all richer for the fact that it all happened as it did. [PSA2]

Picture of dog changes to woman on upside down stamp.  ("Stamps" - page 7)

Movie - He Rose Tattooed
Hobbies - Stamps
Science - Super Guided Missle [sic]
Education - Children's Primer
Literature - Comic Books
Fashion - Young Men's Spring Fashions for 1956
Do-It-Yourself - Your Income Tax
College - Collegiate Whimsey
History - Shotbag
Talk - Talk
Collectors - Rare Old Cartoons
Sports - Million Dollar Horse
Book Review - The Good Old, Old Days!
Television - Medical
Things to Make & Do - Paper Doll Page