Mad #277 (Nick Meglin and John Ficarra) - Last Don Martin Issue - March 1988

Don Martin (1931-2000) was an unknown cartoonist when new editor Al Feldstein hired him for Feldstein's first issue (Mad #29) in 1956.  Mad brought Martin fame and popularity but he wanted more.  Like Wally Wood (1927-1981) before him, Martin wanted a bigger piece of the pie.  Martin departed from Mad to the inferior rival, Cracked where he stayed for six years.  Like Wood, Martin also produced his own magazine but it did not last.  Martin thought that he should profit from the reprinting of drawings that he sold to Mad.  Have you ever heard of a corporation that did not retain the rights for products produced by its employees and subcontractors?  Martin and Wood both learned that the distribution of printed material is not as easy as it appears.  In the later years, ideas for Martin cartoons were developed by Don Edwing and other Mad staffers.  Ironically, the final Mad page by Don Martin was based on an idea by Mad artist, Antonio Prohias whose long-running "Spy vs. Spy" feature was now being produced by other, uncredited artists and writers.  I like Martin's drawings but I never felt that he was a dedicated member of the Mad gang mainly because he did not participate in the inside jokes.  [JAM 8/17/2011]

Reader Anthony Perodeau noted that the prison guard in "One Special Day in the Dungeon" has a surgical scar similar to one that Publisher William Gaines had.  Was this a message from Martin to Gaines within Martin's last contribution to Mad?

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