Mad #274 (Nick Meglin and John Ficarra) - Televangelism Issue - October 1987

I never realized how many stupid people lived in this country until I learned how much money was being given to mega-churches.  Certain individuals have become super-rich in the religion business in a manner that many (including me) would say was sacrilegious and hypocritical.  These character have been shamelessly soliciting funds via electronic media.  In this issue, Al Jaffee and Frank Jacobs expressed agreement with my position.  Jaffee's fold-in concluded that the "deviant sexual behavior" of televangelists was omitted from the Meese Report.  Jacobs rewrote the first seven days in the Holy Bible to account for preachers who "discovered Television ... and they  prospered through the Miracle of the Toll-Free Number and the Tax-Free Donation."  Jacobs concludes that God should pull "The Plug" on these creeps.  Amen.  [JAM 8/10/2011]

A hog and a sheep are on Mort Drucker's jury in "LA Lewd."

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