Mad #272 (Nick Meglin and John Ficarra) - Modern Organ Transplant Hospital Issue - July 1987

Kurtzman & Elder were again stars of an issue with a four-page satire that has the look of a Little Annie Fanny strip without the color or Annie.  The article was written by Lou Silverstone but it appears that K&E added jokes liberally to the article including sexy nurses and unusual patients.  The double splash-page features 35 characters and one dog.  Patients include a birdman, Frankenstein's monster, the Invisible Man, a man with two heads, and a football player getting a sex change.  On the third page, the story follows a brain transplant (ape to man).  The unfortunate patient pinches "Cyndi Leper" in the first panel.  The doctor uses a handsaw to enter the cranium and then brings in a union seamstress to close the wound.  President Reagan takes time to congratulate the patient and promises to send bananas.  Although the patient expired, the telecast is a success.  Tin Man and Scarecrow are the next victims.

Writer Dick DeBartolo also went wild in his attempt to parody popular television show, ALF ("ARFul").  Debartolo uses all of Mort Drucker's talents by introducing "Richard Dryface," Sigourney Weaver, the Star Trek crew, E.T., "Cliff Robinson," Chewbacca, "Dr. Ruse," The Muppets and others into the article in an attempt to enliven the otherwise dull family who found "ARF."  The double-Alf-joker cover by Richard Williams is excellent.  It reminded me of some of those by Kelly Freas such as Mad #69 (March 1962).

Mad staffer Anne Griffiths ("logistics") is now known as "Mrs. Wm. M. Gaines (finally)."  Bill married Annie on February 21, 1987.

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