Mad #271 (Nick Meglin and John Ficarra) - American Ex-Pres Issue - June 1987

Although Gerald Ford was a star athlete at the University of Michigan, he acquired the reputation of a clumsy oaf during his presidency and ex-presidency.  Artists Kurtzman & Elder captured that image in John Prete's "A TV Commercial We'd Like To See" on the back cover.  I love the drawing of Nixon with the bandage on his forehead.  That other soon-to-be-ex-president (Reagan) was skewered by Al Jaffee in the "Mad Fold-In" that showed Reagan's nose growing as he lied about the Iran-Contra connection.  Kurtzman, Elder and Jaffee were three old friends from art school who had no trouble speaking (and drawing) truth to power.

Harvey Kurtzman served double-duty in this issue drawing without Elder in "Mad's Modern-Day Puzzlers" written by David Ames.  The Kurtzman drawing for "Is $1.35 still 'cheap'?" shows publisher Gaines lighting his cigar with the proceeds of his over-priced magazine.  Artist Bob Clarke also drew Bill Gaines as the "seat squeezer" in Rurik Tyler's "Subway Bingo." [JAM 8/4/2011]

Look for Pogo, Howland, Churchy, Kermit, Fozzy, Big Bird and Bashful in the "Star Blecch IV" jury boxes.

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