Mad #269 (Nick Meglin and John Ficarra) - Alf Headroom Issue - March 1987

"Max Headroom" was the computerized version of reporter Edison Carter, a character in a British-produced science fiction television show.  The show eventually played in the U.S. in 1987-1988 (14 episodes) starring Matt Frewer.  Max was also the spokescomputer for the ill-fated New Coke advertising campaign in 1986.  This was the second issue of Mad (see also Mad #233) to use a Time magazine parody cover.  Mad's Alfred E. Headroom introduced the issue for the index and then faded into obscurity forever.

Co-editor Nick Meglin was prominently featured in this issue.  Dave Berg continued his jabs at Meglin's tennis addiction.  Meglin also joined other Mad staffers as one of the commissioners in "The Mess Commission Report on Pornography."  And, artist George Woodbridge thought that "Meglin Sings" might be one television show that your friend might tape on his VCR but never watch ("Odes to Appliances, Gadgets and Other Modern Conveniences"). 

This issue contains the last "Spy vs. Spy" drawn by Antonio Prohias. [JAM 7/21/2011]

Look for Pogo's friend Howland Owl in "Stand But Me."

A Year to Dismember - Stand But Me
Paint Misbehavin' - Hidden Details in Art
Dick - Fundraisers That Never Made It
All Jaffee - Mad Mini-Movies
A Bad Case of the Re-Runs - I Love Luny
It's Waning Cats And Dogs And ... - Your Pet Has Reached Blissful Retirement When
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side
Don Martin - Around Noon on a Downtown Street Corner; Late One Afternoon in the Dungeon
Sergio Aragones - A Mad Look at Going to the Movies
Take Me out to the Ballgame - Instructional Sports Videos We'd Like to See
Get Smut! - The Mess Commission Report on Pornography
A Word to Device - Odes to Appliances, Gadgets and Other Modern Conveniences
Measuring Up-Scale - How Do You Rate as a Yuppie?
Joke And Dagger - Spy vs. Spy
Hack to the Future - TV Spinoffs Yet to Come
Stat's All, Folks! - Mad Charts

Fold-In - Charge Card