Mad #268 (Nick Meglin and John Ficarra) - Nulla Reverentia Mihi Est Issue - January 1987

What is Mort Drucker (or is it writer Dennis Snee?) trying to tell us here? On page nine of "Fearless Buller's Day Off" this Latin phrase ("Nulla Reverentia Mihi Est") appears on the entrance to "Gland Lakes University."  I think he is trying to say "What, Me Worry?" but, from my two years of high school Latin, it looks like "Me Is Not Fearful."  Over the years the Mad gang and its fans have tried to find a Latin translation for the ungrammatical motto of Alfred E. Neuman.  "Quid Me Vexari?" appeared on the cover of Mad #51 and "Quid Me Anxius Sum?" appeared on the cover of Mad #65.  Other attempts have been "Num? Me Vexo," "Quid? Numquam Curo," "Quod Me Angere," and "Non Vexor A Quo, Qui Me Non Vexat."  The truth is that Julius Caesar and company could probably not have imagined that anyone would want to corrupt their carefully-structured language in this way.  I would say that all of these non-Latin inventions are fun and equally incorrect.  The other Latin phrase ("De Gustibus Non Disputandum Est") in this article means: "there is no disputing about tastes."  I am not sure why Fearless would have that phrase framed in his bedroom, but I totally agree with it.

I counted 16 hand grenades in "A Mad Peek Behind the Scenes at a Terrorist Training Camp."  This seemed like an unusual subject for satire.  After 9/11/2001, the country found this particular topic to be one that became sacred especially in airport security lines. [JAM 7/20/2011]

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