Mad #267 (Nick Meglin and John Ficarra) - Top Gunk Issue - December 1986

Mad writer Stan Hart correctly identified some basic plot flaws in Top Gun, a movie that grossed over $344 million worldwide starring noted Scientologist, Tom Cruise.  #1.  Why would a beautiful, single, non-aviator woman (Kelly McGinnis) be employed as an instructor in the U.S. Navy's premiere flying school?  #2. Why would these naval aviator trainees be used in an actual combat encounter with Russian pilots?  And, #3.  How did #2 happen without starting WWIII?  Lucky for us, it all turned out OK and that soundtrack was the best.  Artists Richard Williams (cover), Mort Drucker (movie parody) and Don Martin ("Early One Afternoon at Top Gunk") took jabs at the popular movie in this issue. 

The Trivial Pursuit parody, by editorial assistants Joe Raiola and Charlie Kadau, is the best of the issue. [JAM 7/19/2011]

Naval Air Farce - Top Gunk
Don Martin - Early One Morning at the Hospital; Early One Afternoon at Top Gunk; Early One Evening in Las Vegas
...And Jest Is for All - Mad's Practical Joke Catalogue for Courtrooms
Schlock Around the Rock - A Mad Peek Behind the Scenes at a Music Video
Joke And Dagger - Spy vs. Spy
Better Dead Than Fred - Mr. Jolly Rogers' Neighborhood
Our Creature Presentation - Horrifying Crime Cliches
E.S.P. - U - Mad's Fearless Forecast for the Upcoming TV Season
A View to a Spill - The Three Mile Island Children's Zoo
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side
Too Steep, Per Chance to Ream - The Defense Contractor's Clearinghouse Catalog
Paying Off Alone - The Advantages of Being Dumped
Better Read Than Said - Mad's Modern Day Tongue Twisters
Sergio Aragones - Head Trip
Shuns of Pitches - Those Ridiculous Little Things TV Ads Say
The Lame of the Game - Future "Special Editions" of Trivial Pursuit
Officers in Dis-Dress - Grabme & Spacey

Fold-In - Joan Rivers