Mad #265 (Nick Meglin and John Ficarra) - Garbage Pail Issue - September 1986

Art Spiegelman, the acclaimed author of the graphic-novel Maus, created the Garbage Pail Kids trading cards for Topps in 1985.  The cards were parodies of the popular Cabbage Patch Dolls that became a fad in the early 1980s.  Mad's parody of the parody consisted of the cover drawing by Richard Williams of "Nauseating Neuman" and the nine "Garbage Pail Adults" drawn by Kurtzman and Elder on the back cover.  No writing credits were given,  The "adult" cards were apparently the result of a brainstorming session by the editors.  The parody targets were George Steinbrenner (1930-2010), Prince, Ayatollah Khomeini (1902-1989), Ed Meese, Jesse Helms (1921-2008), Muammar Kaddafi, P.W. Botha (1916-2006), Yasir Arafat (1929-2004) and John McEnroe - all popular foils of the day. 

Frank Jacobs wrote the best parody of the issue ("The Reagan") in the style of Edgar Allan Poe.  President Reagan has generally been treated with kid-gloves by the Mad gang compared to their all-time favorite, Richard Nixon.  Jacobs set the record straight regarding Reaganomics, space missiles and Central America.  Mike Snider added a comment ("The Reagan Rule"): "High-level members of the U.S. government  are PROHIBITED from simply 'making up' facts to support their positions" in his article: "Other Much Needed Rules Named for the Irksome People Who Inspired Them." [JAM 7/14/2011]

Look for Dagwood Bumstead in "How To Pick Up Guys."

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