Mad #26 (Harvey Kurtzman) - What? Me Worry? Issue - November 1955

In response to the editorial request for the origin of the "What, me worry?" picture, readers presented eleven examples of the idiot kid.  A complete chronology of the What-Me-Worry kid can be found in Maria Reidelbach's excellent history of Mad: Completely Mad. [PSA2]

There is an eight-ball in space. (cover)


Education - Sure Fire Dialogue
TV - The Dave Garrowunway Show
Davy Crockett - Advertisements
Confidential Info. - Confidentially
Adventure - The Conquest of Tillie's Lookout
(none) - Let's Go For a Ride!
Poetry - The Strange Cruise of the Buttercup
Movie Part I - The Prodigious
Movie Part II - At Home with Lorelei Latour
Movie Part III - The Seven Itchy Years
Roger Price - Clay County Bureau of Investigation
Sports Part I - Boxing
Sports Part II -My Secret
Best Seller - Tense Tycoons and Lucky Bucks