Mad #259 (Nick Meglin and John Ficarra) - Rambo Issue - December 1985

Kurtzman & Elder drew their first Mad cover since 1955 (Mad #22) when Elder drew his Picasso parody cover.  Rambo arrives just in time to help President Reagan with his Central America strategy.  Will Elder drew the shirtless Rambo with tic-tac-toe and an Izod alligator logo on his bare chest.  Oldtimers like me really like to see the return of Elder's chicken-fat humor. 

Veteran Mad writer, Larry Siegel wrote three articles for the issue: "Gigglin's Island," "TV Good" and "Nut Court."  Al Jaffee, Dick DeBartolo and Don Edwing provided the ideas for Don Martin. [JAM 4/8/2011]

Look for Mr. Magoo and Robinson Crusoe in "Dumbo: More Blood Part II" and Groo the Wanderer on page 40.

Stallone's Ranger Rides Again - Dumbo More Blood Part II
Don Martin - One Disastrous Day on the Atlantic; One Dark Day in Prison; One Depressing Day in the Dungeon
Dumbelles - Superior Girl
The Write Stuff - NASA's Questionnaire for the First Civilian Space Shuttle Passengers
Sergio Aragones - A Mad Look at Bugs
Smoke Gets in Your Lies - Some Straight About Selling Cigarettes
Goodbye Dolly - Cabbage Patch Products for People Who Hate Cabbage Patch Products
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side
A Bad Case of the Re-Runs - Gigglin's Island
Goodnight Kiss-Off - How To End a Date Painlessly
Rehab Met the Enemy - Bad Habit Enders
The Good Booklet - TV God
Alibi the Sky - 14 Reasons Why You'll Miss Seeing Halley's Comet
Taking the Witless Stand - Nut Court
Bulging Waste Lines - Mad's Snappy Comments on Stupid Government Policies and Abuses
Hollywood En-Twined - Mad Double Features

Fold-In - Gravestone