Mad #257 (Nick Meglin and John Ficarra) - Woodstock Revisited Issue - September 1985

Sergio Aragones captured Woodstock with his two-page spread in 1970 (Mad #134).  He returned with three more pages in this issues with the last two pages, showing the grown flower children, surrounding the parody of We Are the World ("We Were the World!") written by Frank Jacobs.  New editors Meglin and Ficarra put Aragones to work with seven full pages ("A Mad Look at the Disney Worlds") and 28 marginal drawings.  Over the years, many humor magazines tried to copy Mad, but they had an asset like Mr. Aragones. [JAM 4/5/2011]

Look for Charlie Brown, Sally Brown, Lucy Van Pelt, Snoopy, Darth Vader (twice), a Smurf and Zorro in "Witless."

"Mate" is reading a newspaper with a Chevy Chase quote in "Mate & Ali-mony."

Don Edwing, Mat Jacobs and Alan Zweibel provided ideas for Don Martin whose name was not included on the cover (although Dave Berg's name was).

Famous Amish Kookies - Witless
Don Martin - One Bright Morning at a Boston Cemetery; One Dark Afternoon in Edmonton; One Glorious Evening in Death Valley
Jest Desserts - Relevant Fortune Cookies for Other Dining Spots
Hippie-Critical - Woodstock Revisited
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side
Jock the Presses - The Mad Sports Page
Dick - A Frequent Flyer Bonus Program We'd Like to See
Sergio Aragones - A Mad Look at Disney World
The Shadow Doesn't Know - Celebrity Silhouettes
Strong Guests of Wind - First Annual Reunion/The Phil Donahue Show
House-Training - Practicing Sports in and Around the Home
Pressure Points - The Mad Stress Chart
Change Reaction - Truly Logical Transformers
Divorce Caught - Mate & Ali-mony

Fold-In - Telephone Receiver