Mad #254 (Albert Feldstein) - Special Rock Issue - April 1985

The first 18 pages of the issue after the letters page were devoted to the rock music scene of the day, including the six-page rewrite ("Rock Video Produced by Pressure Groups") of three Michael Jackson songs by Frank Jacobs.  All of the rock stereotypes are here including ten naked groupies drawn by Al Jaffee ("Where Your Rock Album Dollar Goes").  Jacobs and artist Mort Drucker were not kind to Ronald Reagan, Jesse Helms, Jerry Falwell et al. who were quick to try to restrict the rights of others. 

This issue marked the first appearance of the writing team of Charlie Kadau and Joe Raiola ("The Mad 'Don't' Book").  The Kadau/Raiola team has continued to the present date as both are listed as senior editors of Mad. [JAM 3/29/2011]

Look for John Ficarra, Nick Meglin, Al Feldstein and Al Jaffee in "Wanted Posters for the Real Criminals Who Threaten Our Lives."

One of the protesters has tic-tac-toe on his checkered coat in "Rock Video ..." 

Rock Around the Bloc - Rock Video Produced by Pressure Groups
Nomenclature - Boys Just Wanna Be George
P.M. - T.V. - Red Topple and "Night Time" Take a Mad Look at Rock Video
Grave Reviews - The Exploitation of a Rock Death
Disc-y Business - Where Your Rock Album Dollar Goes
Don Martin - One Fine Day in a Police Department; One Fine Day at a Television Station; One Fine Day in a Department Store
Son of Pitches - Honest Ads to Introduce "New, Improved" Products
Blunder Enlightening - The Mad "Don't" Book - Chapter One: What Not To Do at a Funeral
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side
Frying the Unfriendly Skies - Useful and Practical Flight Information We'd Like To See
Justice Once - Wanted Posters for the Real Criminals that Threaten Our Lives
Schlock Around the Dock - Rip-Off-Tide

Fold-In - Boom Box