Mad #250 (Albert Feldstein) - Mermaid Issue - October 1984

We love the mermaids.  Ron Howard directed this movie starring Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah.  The twist in the story is that Daryl's fish tail disappears when it gets dry.  I remember that my innocent five-year-old son asked his mother if he could see the movie "with the naked lady."  Writer Arnie Kogen seemed to conclude that the Splash plot line was similar to the E.T. plot (fish out of water) but who cares?  This parody was perfect for the talents of Mort Drucker who drew great caricatures of John Candy (1950-1994), Eugene Levy, Hannah, the young Mr. Hanks and a dozen Disney characters on the splash page.  The software, Totally Mad lists 29 articles with mermaids through 1998. [JAM 3/1/2011]

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