Mad #25 (Harvey Kurtzman) - Will Elder Issue - September 1955

Will Elder illustrated twenty pages in Mad No. 25.  Although Mad rarely accepted "real advertisements," Elder parodied ads for tooth paste (Ipuna), a movie (Leave Me or Leave Me), hair tonic (Crazyroot - Fozless Fooznick), tablets (NDDDS), cigarettes (Kennt) and whiskey (Ol' Craw).  In addition, he found time to draw panels for three of the Radio Department, Mad Awards Department and Confidential Information Department.

With Kurtzman, Wood and Davis, Elder redefined satirical humor in America through 23 issues of the Mad comic book.  The magazine version provided many different opportunities for his artistic talent.  His zany drawings appeared in the first thirty issues of Mad.  He resigned from the Mad staff and followed his high school friend, Harvey Kurtzman in 1956. [PSA2]

The secret formula for Dialtone soap is sulphuric acid ("Mad Awards" page 32)

Radio - Radiodetectiveland
People - The Jack E. Glisten Story
Music - Very Square Dance
Sports - Baseball ... Science or Skill?
Magazine - Anyone for Wrist Slashing?
Confidential Information - Was George Washington "George"?
Fairy Tale - The Sleeping Beauty
Mad Award - Mad Awards
Newspaper - Newspapers
Build-It-Yourself - They Built Their Dream-House Singlehanded
Education - Lincoln Essay
Television - The Stark Club
Roger Price - Advice to Young Men on How to Get into the Army
Movie - The Blackboard Jumble