Mad #248 (Albert Feldstein) - Beppe Sabatini Issue - July 1984

For the first time in eleven years (Mad #161), the Kurtzman logo has reappeared.  This logo appeared on most of the early magazine issues (Numbers 24-86) until editor Feldstein got tired of it.  Artist Richard Williams also placed an old Mad name, "Melvin Coznowski" on the cover.  "Melvin" first appeared on the cover of Mad #!.  The Mad name "Coznowski" came along in the Mad comic #22 and the two came together in Mad #23.  Jack Davis brought back a favorite comic character, Dick Tracy as a narcotics agent in "Scarred Face."  Tracy first appeared in a Davis crowd scene in Mad #2.  Bob Clarke put Santa Claus in the unemployment line.  Angelo Torres slipped Adolf Hitler and Count Dracula into "Remington Steal."  Sergio Aragones jabbed the boss, Bill Gaines and his rotundity with a marginal drawing on page 30.  Don Martin found one of Mickey's ears.  And, Mort Drucker found a place for Doonesbury in "Mentl," a parody of that strange Barbra Streisand movie.  Although none of this issue's articles were exceptional, the Mad artists had many treats for old-time Mad fans like me. [JAM 2/25/2011]

Snort Subject - Scarred Face
Don Martin - Early One Morning in an African Jungle; Late One Afternoon Outside of Orlando; One Fine Evening on a Brooklyn Street
RIP ... Please - Mad's Political Believe It Or Nuts!
Ads Backward - More Ads We Never Got To See
The Sleuth Hurts - Remington Steal
Blank Accounts - Mad's All-Inclusive Do-It-Yourself TV Guide Listing
Scoutological - Modern Merit Badges
Spooking From Pictures - Horrifying Cliches
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side
Joke And Dagger - Spy vs. Spy
Trying Your Patients - Mad's Practical Joke Catalogue for Doctors
To Beep ... Or Not To Beep - Telephone Answering Machine Messages for Some Famous Literary Characters
Snaking Do - Other Uses for a Pet Boa Constrictor
Funny Boy - Mentl

Fold-In - Hamburger