Mad #245 (Albert Feldstein) - Yellow Snow Issue - March 1984

Richard Williams drew his fourth consecutive Mad cover and took the baton from the great Norman Mingo (1896-1980) as the foremost Mad mascot (Alfred E. Neuman) expert.  Williams eventually drew 62 Mad covers to take second place behind Mingo.  He remained in that position until Mark Fredrickson drew his 63rd cover for the October 2009 issue (Mad #501).  The last Mad drawing by Richard Williams was the "Bad Girls" cover in December 2007 (Mad #484). [JAM 2/13/2011]

Bob Newhart has a television with a crank & rabbit ears, and a kerosene typewriter in "Not-So-New-Hart."

Low Travoltage - Staying Awake
Don Martin - One Lucky Morning on Friday the 13th; One Insane Afternoon on Interstate 80; One Ridiculous Evening in the Jungle
Generation Slap - What Parents Think ... And What Kids Think
B-S.A.T. - Will You Make a Good Athlete (A Mad Aptitude Test)
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side
Joke And Dagger - Spy vs. Spy
Shoot the Quirks - What Is a Hang-Up?
Punishmental Images - Wishful Thinking
Rights to Wrong - Little-Known Patents ... And The Patents' Holders
Curing a Splitting Headache - Mad's Helpful Hints on Breaking Off With a Girl
Out of the Frying Pan And into the Ire - We Won't Miss Them ... Or Will We?
Marquee De Sade - The 1984 M.G.M. Movie Theater Owners Supply Catalogue
Ant-Tics - A Mad Look at Ants
Inn-Sipid TV - Not-So-New-Hart

Fold-In - Zits