Mad #242 (Albert Feldstein) - Mister T Issue - October 1983

Mr. T (Laurence Tureaud) became famous in the early 1980s for his heavyweight battles with Rocky Balboa in Rocky III and for his really bad haircut.  T went on to co-star with George Peppard in The A-Team television series (1983-1987) as part of group of special forces/war criminals for hire.  Mad's cover put Mr. T inside Darth Vader's helmet.  This was the first of 62 Mad covers by artist Richard Williams.  The cover drawing by Williams is almost photographic with its accurate depictions of Mr. T, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia.  Inside, Mad readers were treated to 14 pages of Mort Drucker's drawings with "ReHash of the Jeti" by Dick DeBartolo and "The Asinine Team" by Stan Hart.  Drucker was at his best in this issue. [JAM 2/1/2011]

Look for The Seven Dwarfs, The Muppets, Dumbo, ET, Mickey Mouse and Mr. Spock in "Re-Hash of the Jeti" and Charlie Brown in "The Asinine Team."

The Farce Be With You - Star Bores - ReHash of the Jeti
Whoopee! Caution - Warning Labels We Desperately Need
Doubts All, Folks! - You're Never Really 100% Sure ...
Two-Bit Operator - Mad's Video Game Arcade Owner of the Year
Don Martin - One Fine Medieval Morning at Home; One Afternoon on a Remote Jungle Island; One Fine Evening During Prime Time; One-on-One Night in the Laboratory
Trying to Slip Bias - How Different Publications Slant the News
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side
Joke And Dagger - Spy vs. Spy
Strip Tease - Mad's Do-It-Yourself "Peanuts" Comic Strip
Knock Verse - Poetic Tributes to People Who Wouldn't Ordinarily Get Them
Ad Nausea - An Advertiser Would Have Us Believe
Queasy Does It - The Mad Gross-Out Diet
"T" And "A" - The Asinine Team

Fold-In - Faucet