Mad #241 (Albert Feldstein) - Three-Cornered Pitney Issue - September 1983

Eighteen years after he wrote the classic "43-Man Squamish," Tom Koch created another nonsense game, "Three-Cornered Pitney."  This time it is a board game that can be played by "any number of players, from two to nineteen, except eight ..."  Koch explains in 24 confusing steps how to construct the game board, gather the game parts and play the game.  For example, step 16 requires "the player in fifth place after the second vimmert must use his conch hacker ... to strike the fox terrier skulls ... until he has banged out a recognizable version of 'Melancholy Baby' ..."  I am still waiting for the Parker Brothers edition.  [JAM 1/27/2011]

Arabian (?) man is advertising a telethon for OPEC in "Knut Rider;"  Teenager is drinking STP in "Square Dregs."

Car Sick - Knut Rider
Don Martin - One Fine Day Downtown; One Fine Day Uptown; One Fine Day Crosstown
Sales Pits - Merchandising We're Sure to See and Hate
How Do You Score? - Are You Sexy? (A Magazine Quiz)
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side
Deja Views - When You Go to the Movies, You Can Be Sure of Seeing ...
Prop Corn - Future Smithsonian Exhibits from TV Land
Joke And Dagger - Spy vs. Spy
Wild Game - Three-Cornered Pitney
Idle Worship - Little-Known Celebrity Cult Groups
Queue Tease - A Mad Look at Lines
Along the Snide Lines - The Mad Nasty Book - Vol. IV
Sony Baloney - A Mad Look at the Walkman
Zit-Com - Square Dregs

Fold-In - Toilet