Mad #238 (Albert Feldstein) - Don Edwing Issue - April 1983

Although we had not yet seen his signature "duck," it was evident by 1983 that Don (Duck) Edwing was integral part of the Mad "usual gang of idiots."  His artistic style has certainly never been as impressive as the other Mad artists but he has always been filled with crazy ideas.  His contributions to Mad date back to 1962 (Mad #70) when his writing talents were not credited.  Apparently, Edwing was the brain behind many of Don Martin's wacky drawings.  We may never know how many of them originated with an Edwing suggestion.  For issue #238, Edwing was credited as writer of three articles and he added his unique drawing style to "Little-Known And Rarely Diagnosed Mad Ailments Contracted at Hospitals."  His other writing credits were for "Don Martin's Atomic Holocaust Survival Manual" and "Mad's X-Reagans."  The ten pages of Edwing were the best of an otherwise ordinary issue.  [JAM 1/2/2011]

Again, no quote from Alfred E. Neuman.  However, for the first time since Mad #185, no ad on the inside front cover.

Look for Howard Cosell in "An Officer Ain't No Gentleman" and Beetle Bailey in "Private Benjurmind."

C'est Le Gere - An Officer Ain't No Gentleman
Fission Tackled - Don Martin's Atomic Holocaust Survival Manual
Under Exposures - Mad X-Reagans
Urban on the Rocks - How Big Cities Can Solve Their Problems While Clearing a Few Bucks on the Side
Sick Humor - Little-Known And Rarely Diagnosed Mad Ailments Contracted at Hospitals
Shooting Stars - The U.S. Video Game Olympic Team
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side
Wind-Up Dull - An Andy Rooney "60 Minutes" Editorial We'd Like to See
Mr./Miss-Matched - You Know He/She Is Not for You When ...
The Book of Ists - A Mad Look at the Differences Between Optimism, Pessimism & Reality
Sappy Endings - Mad's New Twists to Old Tales
In a Jocular Vein - If Parents And Children Behaved Like Professional Sports Figures
Joke And Dagger - Spy vs. Spy
Khaki Duty - Private Benjurmind

Fold-In - E.T.