Mad #236 (Albert Feldstein) - E.T. Issue - January 1983

Steven Spielberg's E.T. was everywhere in 1982.  Four of Mad's greatest artists (Jack Davis, Don Martin, Mort Drucker and Jack Rickard) took their turns drawing the lovable alien in this issue.  The movie was the top grossing film of the year, drawing almost five times the dollars of #2 (Tootsie) and surpassing Star Wars as the all-time grosser.  E.T. has now dropped to number 30 on the list ($792 million) right behind Harry Potter #3, the lowest grossing of the seven boy- wizard movies, and waaay behind all-timer Avatar at $2.7+ billion.

"Q.T. - The Quasi-Terrestrial" was one of three excellent movies parodies ("Awful Annie" & "Star Blecch II - The Wreck of Korn") in the issue.  Also, Don Martin followed each parody with his special brand of humor which includes the best-looking Vulcan woman I have ever seen.  However, the most creative article was "A Mad Guide to the Anatomy of the Human Body Based on the Comics" that combined the special talents of Jack Rickard, Frank Jacobs and Sergio Aragones.  These three explained the unusual anatomies of 22 comic characters, all skillfully drawn by Rickard.  [JAM 12/28/2010]

Look for Mad Publisher Bill Gaines in "Chutzpah Is ..." and "How Many Mistakes Can You Find in This Picture?"

Bob Clarke's cigarette brand is "Mort" (page 22); Mad word "Potrzebie" returns as alien language and (slightly misspelled) as a record album title.

Giving ET The Finger - Q.T. - The Quasi-Terrestrial
Don Martin Out-Take - E.T.; Annie; Star Trek II
Gaul Busting - Chutzpah Is ...
Orphan Ruining - Awful Annie
Plaques For Claques - Mottos, Oaths, Inscriptions, Etc. Rewritten for Special Interest Groups
Err Apparent - How Many Mistakes Can You Find in This Picture?
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side
Joke And Dagger - Spy vs. Spy
Triple-Sweat - Bad ... Worse ... Downright Horrible!
Funnies' Bones - A Mad Guide to the Anatomy of the Human Body Based on the Comics
Spoiled Meet - When Not to Use Famous Pick-Up Lines
Profitable Enterprise - Star Blecch II - The Wreck of Korn

Fold-In - Ronald Reagan