Mad #229 (Albert Feldstein) - Baby Spies Issue - March 1982

Cuban writer/artist Antonio Prohias brought "Spy vs. Spy" to Mad in issue #60 (January 1961).  The formula that saw the black spy battle the white spy has not changed much since then.  The grey female spy was added (1962-1965) but was eventually dropped because she could never be allowed to lose per Prohias.  In Mad #224, the spies became cowboys who wore six-shooters and fought in a saloon.  In issue #229, we flash back to our boys as babies in buggies with no nannies in sight.  The baby spies wear their spy hats and seem to be able to walk if they want.  There are no secrets or weapon systems to steal but these youngsters clearly are not friends.  The fully-grown spies do however appear in six panels of Mort Drucker's version of a James Bond movie parody ("For Her Thighs Only"). 

Mad writer Frank Jacobs fearlessly predicted the fates of ten celebrities 25 years later (2006) in "What Became of ...?".  Part of the fun of reading these old issues is having the ability to put such articles in their historical perspective.  Jacobs is completely wrong about the celebs but I am sure that he did not expect any degree of accuracy.  Where's the joke in that?  Four of the stars have died (two of them long before 2006) - Billy Carter (1937-1988), Billy Martin (1928-1989), Charles Bronson (1921-2003) and Ed McMahon (1923-2009).  Although Jacobs was mostly wrong, there is some truth in his comments about Fidel Castro.  His Castro was quoted as saying: "Marxism is a big bore!"  In September 2010, the retired Cuban leader said "The Cuban model (of communism) doesn't even work for us anymore."

For some reason, Dick DeBartolo wrote "Family Fool" under a pseudonym, "Dick Bic."  After reading the television game show parody, I know why he did not want his name on it.  [JAM 12/1/2010]

Look for Hitler and the gravestone for EC Comics (Tales from the Crypt, Vault of Horror and Panic) in "For Her Thighs Only."

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