Mad #227 (Albert Feldstein) - Ecchcaliber Issue - December 1981

Mad readers were always pleasantly surprised when wacky artist Don Martin was given the assignment to draw an article written by another Mad writer.  Larry Siegel wrote "Ecchcaliber" as a parody of a movie that was yet to be produced.  Siegel also wrote "You Can't Win" for the issue.  Martin's knights and damsels cavorted through the Camelot parody with swords flying.  Some of the swords flew into other Mad articles.  I found eight.

The issue did not give writing credit for the television parody, "Magnumb, P.U."  According to Doug Gilford's Mad Cover Site, Lou Silverstone was the writer. [JAM 11/28/2010]

The sheriff has a hand grenade in "Arbor Day."

Yecchploitation Movies - Arbor Day
The Cast Is Died - The Mad TV Coroner's Report
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side
Zodiacs Murder - Your Mad Horoscope
No Sweat - Mad Careers for the Slow and Lazy
Err Apparent - How Many Mistakes Can You Find in This Picture
A Sworded Tale - Don Martin's Version of a Movie of ... "Ecchcaliber"
Money in the Blank - A Mad Questionnaire for Uncovering America's Truly Needed
Facultease - A Mad Look at Teachers
Split-Scene - More Sub-Divisions for Public Places
Losing Is Everything - A Mad Look at Today's Living Showing Why You Can't Win
Ear Whacks - Good Sounds/Bad Sounds
Joke And Dagger - Spy vs. Spy
Aloha-Ho-Hum - Magnumb, P.U.

Fold-In - Miss Piggy