Mad #226 (Albert Feldatein) - Eighteen Frank Pages Issue - October 1981

Mad's super-writer, Frank Jacobs penned four articles for #226 including the super ten-page parody of Superman II drawn by Mort Drucker.  This was the first ten-page movie parody for Mad since "Vera's Cruz" drawn by Jack Davis in Mad #24.  Superman was also the subject of the front cover (Jack Rickard) and the back cover (Don Martin).  The five "Superman movies" (including Supergirl in 1984) have all suffered from weak plots but the special effects have been excellent.  However, my favorite series has always been the black-and-white Adventures of Superman that appeared on television (1952-1958) starring George Reeves (1914-1959), Noel Neill, Jack Larson and John Hamilton (1887-1958). [JAM 11/25/2010]

Look for King Kong, Mr. Spock, Richard Nixon and Rocky Balboa in "Superduperman II."

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