Mad #221 (Albert Feldstein) - Steve Allen Issue - March 1981

Steve Allen (1921-2000), the wonderful entertainer and humanitarian, made his one and only appearance as a contributor in Mad #25 ("Very Square Dance").  Mr. Allen wrote 54 books and over 14,000 songs, hosted numerous television shows including the first Tonight! show, received a Peabody Award for his PBS series (Meeting of Minds), and received the "Lifetime Achievement Award in Comedy" in 1987.  In Mad #221, he was featured in a photograph on the letters page with future-Mad-editor, John Ficarra.  In his last issue before receiving masthead credit as "associate editor," Ficarra wrote two articles: "Mad's New Phobias for the '80's" and "The Mad Stop Watch."  Clearly, Mad needed some new editorial ideas since the front cover of #221 was lame and the back cover consisted of eleven postage stamps. [JAM 11/19/2010]

The Wolfman (aka Larry Talbot) signed the hotel guest book in "The Shiner."

Hatchet Job - The Shiner
Hype Tripe - "Variety" for Other Occupations
Green And Bare It - Don Martine Looks at "The Hulk"
Tripe Hype - If "Hollywood Hype" Were Used in Everyday Situations
The Dread Menace - Mad's New Phobias for the '80's
Tick-Tick Schtick - The Mad Stop Watch
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side
Joke And Dagger - Spy vs. Spy
Post Waste - Mixed-Up Junk Mail Mailing Lists
An Eye for an "I" - Mad Image-Builders
Used Parts - Customized Organ Donor Cards for Very Special Donors
Hokey-Focus - More Candid Snapshots of Historical Celebrities
"Mash" Murder - Crapper John, M.D.
Parting Shot - A Basket Case High Up on the 37th Floor

Fold-In - Smoker