Mad #220 (Albert Feldstein) - Last DeFuccio Issue - January 1981

Associate Editor Jerry DeFuccio (1925-2001) came to Mad when Al Feldstein became editor for issue #29 (September 1956).  DeFuccio had previously worked for EC as a researcher and writer for the comic titles in the early 1950s.  For the magazine, he was initially credited for "continuity" and then "ideas" before earning the title of associate editor.  DeFuccio worked briefly for the rival magazine, Cracked after leaving Mad in 1980.  According to Al Jaffee's Mad Life, publisher " ... Gaines fired the once-trusted DeFuccio when some original art that was under DeFuccio's control went missing."

Issue #220 got off to a great start with one of Dick DeBartolo's best parodies ("The Empire Strikes Out") of the second Star Wars movie.  Mort Drucker was also at his best finding room for Mr. Spock, Batman & Robin, a New York Mets baseball, an asteroid belt buckle, King Kong, Ben Casey, Dr. Zorba and another spaceship wind-up key in his drawings.  Fans of the movies will enjoy this eight-page gem.

The Tom Koch/Bob Clarke article, "Amalgamated Student Supply Co. Mail Order Catalog 1980-1981 School Year" was really a blast from the past.  This article could have appeared in any of the magazines of the 1950s-1960s.  Artist Clarke put the Mad zeppelin, Flip, a voo-doo doll and his favorite ponytail jockey on the splash page.  Clarke's jockey first appeared in Mad #32 (April 1957).  On page 21, the article makes reference to "Potrzebie Bounces" which was a running joke by Harvey Kurtzman (1924-1993) regarding the origin of Mad word "potrzebie."  The comment by Kurtzman was first made in issue #21 (1955 comic) causing many fans to conclude that Potrzebie was the name of a race horse.  The Mad word "osszefogva" (without the "z") is shown on the classroom chalkboard.  This word was introduced by Feldstein in issue #34 (August 1957).  Finally, Clarke paid tribute to the great comic artist, Wally Wood (1927-1981) by framing a photo of one of Wood's classic characters on page 22 with "the simulated report card notes."  This smiling character first appeared in Mad #34 (August 1957).  He was identified as grocery clerk, "Toulouse La Feinstein" in Ernie Kovacs' "Strangely Believe It!" in Mad #37.  In Mad #41, a letter from the New York Graphic Society claimed that the character was a copy of The Gay Philosopher by Henry Major (1889-1948).  Veteran Mad writer Koch filled this catalog parody with joke after joke in one his best jobs since "43-Man Squamish." [JAM 11/6/2010]

On pages 16-17 of "A Mad Guide to the Double Standards of Age," it appears that drawings for "irresponsible" and "just being human" are switched.

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