Mad #22 (Harvey Kurtzman) - All Chicken Fat Elder Issue - 1955

Obviously, Kurtzman didn't want to do that comic book any more.  He threw together a bunch of sight gags, a few Elder drawings, a reprint of "The Mole!" from Mad No. 2, and called it a biography of Will Elder.  Mad readers must have been very confused and disappointed in 1955.  Where was the comic strip parody?  Where was the movie parody?  Where were Wally Wood and Jack Davis?  Where?  Where?  Where?

Kurtzman gave us the Mad name "Coznowski" in this issue.  With various spellings, the name would appear for years in Mad magazine.  Kurtzman came close in issue No. 20 with "Melvin Poznowski."  [PSA1]

John Hett (editor of The Journal of Madness) wrote "In Defense of Mad Number 22" that was published in MADlog #13.

"Coznowski Coznowski" - ("The Young Artist!") - page 4

Bill (Chicken Fat) Elder - The Child! (Elder)
Bill (Chicken Fat) Elder Continued - The Boy!
Bill (Chicken Fat) Elder Continued - The Young Artist!
Bill (Chicken Fat) Elder Continued - The Commercial Artist!
Bill (Chicken Fat) Elder Continued - The Old Pro!
Bill (Chicken Fat) Elder Continued - Senility!