Mad #214 (Albert Feldstein) - Double Feature Issue - April 1980

Those clever editors of Mad put two movie parodies at the front of Mad separated by Don Martin's intermission ("One Fine Day Downtown While Watching a Double Feature").  Now we know why Mort Drucker was missing from Mad #213.  Unfortunately, neither movie (The Amityville Horror & The Concorde ... Airport '79) was very good.  Dick DeBartolo was the unlucky writer who had the assignment to find something funny here.  He found only four pages for each.  Drucker was also handicapped, trying to find six ways to caricature George Kennedy in the airplane cockpit.

The better article in the issue was "The Jogger" written by Frank Jacobs and drawn by Jack Davis.  I think that Mr. Jacobs could take any subject and rewrite it as a parody of Poe's The Raven. [JAM 10/27/2010]

Drucker's Avery Schreiber has a bag of Doritos (page 10); and I think I saw Hitler in the "Hessian Mercenary Brigade" (page 30).

Much a Boo About Nothing - The Calamityville Horror
Don Martin - One Fine Day Downtown Watching a Double Feature;Another Fine Day Downtown Passing a Construction Site;One Saturday Afternoon Downtown
Just Plane Nonsense - The Corncorde - Airplot '79
New Yentaprises - "People" Magazines for Other Specialized Groups
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of Celebrations
Givin' 'Em a Ribbin' - Mad Medals of the Issue (Actors)
Ravin' Maniac - The Jogger
Tomb Boom - Mad's "Necromania Agent of the Year"
Bygone Buy-Gones - Still More Yellow Pages Through History (Colonial Times)
Grinding the Axiom - Mad Laws
Makin' Out-Takes - Mad's Academy Awards for Dating
Blip-Tease - Comic Strip Cursing Symbols to Match a Given Situation
Basket Cases - The White, Shadowed

Fold-In - Airplane Parts