Mad #213 (Albert Feldstein) - Harry North Issue - March 1980

Although he usually played third banana to Mort Drucker and Angelo Torres, British artist Harry North was an excellent Mad contributor.  His drawing style used shadings to give his subjects a somewhat three-dimensional quality.  North was probably one of the most underrated of Mad artists even though he participated in 83 issues.  In this issue, he subbed for vacationing Drucker in the feature James Bond movie parody, "Moneyraker" written by Stan Hart.  He also provided excellent drawings for the best article of the issue: Tom Koch's "Surplus Items We Can Sell to the Arabs."  To offset their sale of oil to the U.S., Mr. Koch suggests that we sell leisure suits, sherbet, bad recordings, North Dakota, homeless kittens, crab grass, Merv Griffin, egg timers and lots of other useless stuff back to them.  With his eight-page movie parody plus 20 Arab drawings, Mr. North was definitely the artist of the issue. [JAM 10/25/2010]

Look for Publisher Bill Gaines in the page-13 margin, and Mad staffers Al Jaffee & Nick Meglin in "What Is a Show-Off?"

Sergio Aragones drew a Mad anatomically-correct male character on the margin of page 36.  Reader Neil Wahlert found a similar young male character on page 25 of Mad #134.

And the Bond Plays On And On - Moneyraker
It Shakes a Thief - Sure-Fire Burglar Deterrents
A Count Receivable - Don Martin Looks at "Dracula"
Godsell - Mad's "Religion Promoter of the Year"
Bygone Buy-Gones - Still More Yellow Pages Through History (The Middle Ages)
Reactions Speak Louder Than Words - A Mad Look at the Silent, Thinking Audience
Scholastricks - The Changing Tools of Education
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of Competition
Givin' 'Em a Ribbin' - Mad Medals of the Issue (Working People)
Display's the Thing - What Is a Show-Off?
Fleece Market - Surplus Items We Can Sell to the Arabs
A Rolling Stallone Gathers More Gross

Fold-In - Al Jaffee