Mad #211 (Albert Feldstein) - Duplicate Marginals Issue - December 1979

It seems that Editor Feldstein did not have enough original art to fill the margins of this issue.  Drawings on pages 6,7,10 and 12 were repeated on pages 18,19,22 and 33, respectively.  Also, it appears that some of the other marginals were not drawn by Sergio Aragones.  I could be wrong.  Does anybody know the story behind this?

I did not like the parodies in this issue but I thought that "A Mad Look at Doors" by Paul Peter Porges and George Woodbridge was excellent.  All of the articles by Porges seem to be better if another Mad artist draws them.  Woodbridge is the best of the historical artists.  Jack Davis also did a good job (as always) on "Mad's Ingenious Plan for a More Efficient Government" written by Barry Liebmann.  The drawing of Amy Carter on page 37 is perfect. [JAM 10/23/2010]

Power plant control panel is a slot machine (page 6).

Look for Mike Wallace in "The China Sin-Dome."

The Best Laid Plants ... Oft Go Boom - The China Sin-Dome
Needlepoint of View - The Mad Ad Man's Sampler
Child's Plague - Sibling Misery Is ...
Givin' 'Em a Ribbin' - Mad Medals of the Issue
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of Guilt
Don Martin - Early One Morning High in a Tree Top; Late One Fine Afternoon on an Uptown Bus; One Evening in a Nice Young Couple's House
Bygone Buy-Gones - The Yellow Pages Through History (Paleolithic Period)
Portal to Portal Play - A Mad Look at Doors
Lib-Schtick - When Women Take Over Movies
Game Show - The Gift
Honesty Is the Best Politics - Mad's Ingenious Plan for a More Efficient Government
Acclaim Jumping - The Mad Overrated-Underrated Book
Joke And Dagger - Spy vs. Spy
Warning: Contains Cycle-Mates - CHiMPs

Fold-In - Jackass