Mad #207 (Albert Feldstein) - Animal House Issue - June 1979

This landmark comedy was written by National Lampoon founder Doug Kenney (1947-1980), NL writer Chris Miller and Harold Ramis.  The movie was directed by 28-year-old John Landis fresh from his success with low-budget parodies Schlock and The Kentucky Fried Movie.  Saturday Night Live original cast member, John Belushi (1949-1982) stole the show in a movie that really did not have much of a plot other than the antics of the under-achieving, fun-loving members of the Delta House fraternity.  The Mad cover by artist Bob Jones seems to pay homage to the classic movie rather than giving it the usual Mad treatment.  Writer Arnie Kogen had the difficult task of writing the parody script ("Abominal House") and Dick DeBartolo helped a bit but the hardest thing to spoof is that which spoofs itself.  Fortunately for Kogen & DeBartolo, Mort Drucker's drawings made it look good.  Drucker captured the persona of Belushi et al. better than any artist I have seen.  SNL & NL veteran, Chevy Chase, who should have been in the movie but was not, makes a cameo on page six.  Writer Kenney and his best friend, Chase got together one last time (with Miller & Ramis) for another classic comedy, Caddyshack shortly before Kenney's death. [JAM 10/2/2010]

Dog is winning the chess game. (page 4)

Look for Smokey Stover, Potsy and Fred Flintstone in "Didja Ever Notice That ...?"

Reader Neil Wahlert identified Editor Al Feldstein and writer Lou Silverstone in "Mad's Success Primer of the '70's"

The Frat's in the Fire - Abominal House
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Phrasing a Coin - Money Talks
The Bull of Rights - Parents Are Unconstitutional
Givin' 'Em a Ribbin' - Mad Medals of the Issue (Lawyers)
Berg's-Eye View - The Lighter Side of Neighbors
Crock-in-Spiels - A Mad Look at Half-Truths in TV Advertising
The Eyes of Taxes Are Upon Youth! - Tax Returns for Teenagers
Lilying the Guild - Mad's Academy Awards for Union Leaders
Double Standard-Bearers - Didja Ever Notice That ...?
Sleazy Does It! - Mad's Success Primer of the '70's
Joke And Dagger - Spy vs. Spy
Gross Encounters of the Worst Kind - Reject UFOs

Fold-In - Car